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Definition of a Liberal. What God thinks of liberals.


Eternal Security Heresy.  This is the heresy that will keep you in your sin and damn your soul to hell. Do angels have Eternal Security?  Read about the believing murderers.


Rapture Heresy.  When will Jesus return? Will he return in secret? What must happen before Jesus can return.


Holiness vs. Legalism.  Do you have "ceremonial" righteous or real righteousness?  Difference between holy and profane.  List of unclean things in our society.


Prophecy Today.  Is prophecy just for bible days or is prophecy still valid today?


Sabbath Question.  Should New Testament Christians keep the Sabbath?


Oneness Heresy.   Did Jesus do away with God the Father?


A VISION of the LOST -by William Booth. [Founder of the Salvation Army]


Olga's Visit to Hell's Entrance  Powerful testimony from someone who saw a vision of Hell.


A Peaceful Heart, Examine Your Heart, Three Scrolls.  Read Dumitru Duduman's prophecies  and dreams.


48 Hours in Hell A Vision of Hell.


What God Does to Sinful Nations.   America's judgment is near.  The sins of America.


Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Part of God's Judgment   Stormy wind, Tornadoes, and Hurricanes are part of God's judgment.


Baptism Part of the gospel that you must believe and obey to be saved.


The Woman Question? Should Women be Preachers


The Purpose of Pentecost, A Prophecy to the Church Today.  How to receive the baptism with the Holy Spirit.  If you think the baptism is not for today, please read.


Divorce and Remarriage. Only two allowed causes for divorce. Can you marry a divorced person?


The Gospel of the Kingdom of God  Summary of the Gospel, origin of religion, personal interpretation of scriptures, believing that brings eternal life, the Holy Ghost.




Used Minutes for Sale.   Time is a moment in eternity.  We spend our days like bright and shiny new dimes.  Jesus never made one old person young again.


Have You Read the Bible Lately.  Can you call yourself truly educated without knowledge of the Holy Bible?


Word Bomb, OD'ed on Love Ezekiel's word bomb. Have you OD'ed on the love of God? The truth about God's love and Religion.


The Ten Minus One Plus Two Equals Eleven Commandments.  Which of the Ten Commandments is no longer in effect?  What commandments did Jesus add?


Race War And Genocide In America by Kato Mivule


Bewitched.  Are you truly born-again or have you been bewitched by a phony religious experience that doesn't require repentance?  By Ray Pringle


What You Miss by Being a Christian


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