Word Bomb, The Truth About God's Word and Religion

“And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Son of man, set thy face toward Jerusalem, and drop thy word...” (Ezekiel 21: 1-2)  Ezekiel was about to throw a "word bomb" concerning God’s judgment of ancient Israel. God’s word about coming war and devastation must have been about as welcome as a hand grenade. Today, the real truth of God’s word still comes as a shock to most people. Here is a good example: Have you been told that God loves you? Some preachers have flattered people so much with the love of God that people have OD’ed on the love of God.  Instead of repenting and living right, they think the love of God will save them.

The whole truth about God’s love is as follows: God does love you, but He wants you to repent and obey him. If you don’t repent and obey God, then He will one day throw you in a lake of fire where you will be tormented.

Truth About Religion
Religion is another subject where imagination and superstition are honored instead of God. Trying to please God through man made religion is about as useless as trying to fly by flapping your arms. You are not going to fly and neither will you please God with man made religion. There was only one organized religion ever ordained by God, and that was the Jewish religion, and it was done away with by the New Testament. If God no longer receives worship through the ceremonies and rituals that He himself ordered and ordained, how much less will He have any regard for religion that men have imagined out of their own mind. The great number of religions in the world does not represent different ways to approach God, but rather represents how confused people are about God. There is only one God and only one Son of God, Jesus, and only one way to serve and please Him. It is your responsibility to seek out the truth and walk in it. God will judge you as a sinner if the truth is revealed to you and you refuse to believe and obey it.

The Holy Bible

A good place to begin your search for truth is the bible. As you read God’s word, God will talk to you. But remember the bible does not agree with most people’s religion or philosophy. You must honor the bible, God’s word, above all religion and philosophy. People often say, “How do we know the bible is the word of God?” The answer is simple, “God’s people know God’s voice when they hear it.”   As Jesus said, "My people hear my voice and they follow me."


Come on Over to the Winning Side

When the truth is preached there is always contention. There will be contention between the righteous and the wicked--between God's true people and the followers of man made religion until the end of time. The wicked seek to slay the righteous, but God will deliver us.  One day God (by Himself, with no help from us) will completely destroy the wicked. “Behold, a whirlwind of the LORD is gone forth in fury, even a grievous whirlwind: it shall fall grievously (like a bomb) upon the head of the wicked.” Jeremiah 23:19   Which side of this contention are you going to be on. With the righteous or the wicked? 


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