The Purpose of Pentecost--A Prophecy to the Church Today

Concerning the Baptism with the Holy Spirit by Dr. Hobart E. Freeman


How to receive the baptism with the Holy Spirit.


If you think the baptism is not for today, please read.  Reprinted from a tract.


   The following prophecy was given by the Holy Spirit through Pastor Hobart E. Freeman, Claypool, Indiana, February 1, 1967, as he was studying the Scriptures in preparation for a sermon concerning the divine purpose in sending the Holy Spirit at Pentecost to baptize and empower the disciples, in order to show the increasing need of the same spiritual empowering for the Church today.  As he was meditating upon Peter's vision in Acts 10 where God revealed to Peter that the Gentiles were also to be recipients of His grace and no longer to be considered "common or unclean," which was later confirmed when Cornelius and his house were baptized with the Holy Spirit and spoke with tongues just as the Jews had done at Pentecost, the power of God fell heavily upon Pastor Freeman and he began to prophesy.

   The Lord commanded him to write what He was about to give him, which was to be a prophetic admonition to the churches in these last days concerning the purpose of Pentecost; namely, the purpose of the baptism with the Holy Spirit and the need of this same empowering by His Church, especially now at the close of the present age,  The burden of the prophecy is clear:  Peter had limited Pentecost (the Gift of the Holy Spirit) to the Jews, considering the Gentiles "common or unclean" (Acts 10).  By analogy, God indicates in the following prophecy how the contemporary Church limits the experience of the baptism with the Holy Spirit to the day of Pentecost (or the first century Church), an experience in which believers since that time are said to participate in some mystical way at the time of their regeneration, rather than it being a definite, personal experience subsequent to salvation (Acts 8:12-17).  Moreover, speaking in tongues (the sign of the baptism) is now looked upon as something "common or unclean,"  being derisively dismissed as "emotional gibberish," "pentecostalism," "the least of the gifts," or "the work of the devil!"  Thus the Church today is guilty of "dispensationalizing" the reality of Pentecost out of the twentieth century (along with miracles, the gifts of the Spirit, and divine healing), treating these truths as some ancient teaching of the apostles, or as mere doctrines to be studied by the theologians.




   Peter almost missed the purpose of Pentecost--so too, the Church of this day.  Pentecost is not a dispensation, nor a denomination, but an experience.

   What would you have God to say or do that you might believe?  God sent his Son into the world to die for sins and destroy the works of the Devil.  He sent his Holy Spirit to empower and equip His Church.  Would then the Church in this day try to accomplish the works of Jesus in the power of the flesh or in the power of God?

   Why is it that the Church cannot see that to try to overcome Satan in its own power and by its methods is like trying to stop an enemy tank with a sling shot?  The Enemy is a spirit; he is the god of this world; the prince of the power of the air; he is a powerful Adversary.  Only the power of the Holy Spirit can meet and overcome him!

   He has blinded the minds of the lost so that they cannot believe.  He has shown them his power; he gives them many things:  pleasures, money, fame, reward.  The Church is trying to convince them Christ overcame Satan by its arguments, religious entertainment, and religious education.  The only thing that will convince them is preaching the Word in the demonstration of the Spirit and power.  Anything less will result in failure, for it is but the arm of the flesh.

   Yea, I am going to do a short work in the earth, and cut it short in righteousness. What I have said to my servants the prophets and what I said to Peter I also say unto you (the Church).  What I have cleansed call not thou common or unclean, for I will not hold him guiltless who treats the work of My Spirit in My people as an unclean thing.

   There has never been in the past and shall never be again a time like unto the present when I will work with My Spirit in the world.  Those who do not obey the voice of My Spirit in these closing days will not enter into My rest.  There is a rest for the believers that those in unbelief cannot know though they are called by My Name.

   There is a work to be done in these last days that no man can gainsay nor stop by his doubts and unbelief, but he that would participate in this glorious outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the work I am about to do must not turn away his ears from hearing My Word, for my Word and My Spirit agree.  And that which I have spoken in My Word to do in these last days is now to come to pass.  Let no one therefore hesitate, but seek to learn My will in My Word which teaches that the days of the apostles and the signs that followed them are upon the earth again, and I will do great signs and wonders once more in the earth, like as have not been seen before.

   Let not your hearts doubt nor be afraid but press on by faith into that place of My power that can only be obtained by those who cast aside all fear of men and lay aside all methods of organization of men and will seek to make Pentecost a real experience as did the apostles.

   As it took Peter some time to learn that Pentecost was for all men and the Church was to include all men (not just Jews), so today My Church is guilty of limiting My power and denying Pentecost as a valid experience for this age.  Pentecost has never been a dispensational experience; it is only because of unbelief that you have failed to receive it.

   My Church, My Church, O My people, why do you always go astray and trust in the arm of the flesh?  Why do you not see that I would pour out upon you all the sovereign power of heaven to accomplish My work in the world?  It is your lack of faith that has caused Me to turn away My face from you; yea, this is why I have hidden My face from you.  It is not My will that it be so, but I cannot, yea, I will not work in power where faith is absent and unbelief present.  Unbelief in My people is an abomination to Me and I will not any longer endure it.

   O, hear, My people!  Hear My messengers as they go forth with My last hour warnings--remember the ten virgins!  Get ye ready for the time is at hand!  Faith is the key into My power--ask and ye shall receive.  

End of Prophecy.


   Christian reader, if you, as so many, have been led to believe that the baptism in the Holy Spirit is some dubious experience which you received more or less automatically (as well as inevitably and unconsciously) when you were saved, or at your water baptism, or at confirmation, etc., then this prophetic admonition is especially directed by God to you.  Read Acts 2:38-39 where the promise of this personal experience is not limited to the disciples and Jews at Pentecost, but is made "to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call."

   The baptism in the Holy Spirit is a definite, personal experience subsequent to salvation and confirmed to the believer with the evidence of speaking in a new language or tongue supernaturally as the Holy Spirit gives utterance.  Read Acts 1:4-5, 8; 2:1f.; 10:44-47 (cf.  11:15-17); 19:1-6.  Our Lord taught that the baptism in the Holy Spirit was the spiritual empowering necessary for our effective witness, for without this empowering it is impossible to preach the Word "in the demonstration of the Spirit and of power" (1Cor. 2:3), with God "confirming the word with signs following" (Mark 16:20).  Moreover, our Adversary is a spirit and the increasing flood of satanic and demonic activity by the kingdom of darkness cannot be overcome with mere carnal weapons of human wisdom, religious education and organizations, medical science, psychiatry, etc., but only by the use of spiritual weapons and armor ("Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts," Zech. 4:6;cf. Ehp. 6:10-18; 2Cor. 10:3-4).

   Only those filled with the Holy Spirit will be empowered to fulfill the commission as Christ intended and stand before the satanic flood about to sweep across the earth, especially against the Church.  God in His grace will give every believer the gift of the Holy Spirit who asks in faith, for He promises in Luke 11:13:


If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?


   The power of heaven is promised the Church in this prophecy.  God warns, "Get ye ready, for the time is at hand!"  "Remember the ten virgins!"  The five foolish virgins had no oil in their vessels and were unprepared to meet the Bridegroom.  Now is the time to obtain oil for your lamp, for the Lord invites you saying, "Faith is the key into My power (the baptism or empowering of the Holy Spirit)--ask and ye shall receive."




1.  Believe God's Word which promises you the Holy Spirit.  Acts 2:38-39.

The terms "baptism," "filled," and "gift" of the the Holy Spirit are used synonymously.  Cf.Acts 1:5; 2:4; 10:45; 11:15-17.


2.  Ask for the baptism with the Holy Spirit.  Luke 11:9-13.


3.  Confess that you have received the Holy Spirit by faith.  Mark 11:24.

For example, say: "Heavenly Father, on the authority of your promise, I now ask for, and by faith receive, the gift of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus' Name."


4.  Act on your faith.  James 2:17.

The scriptural evidence of having received the baptism with the Holy Spirit is the sign of speaking with a new tongue (Acts 2:4; 10:44-46; 19:1-6; Mark 16:17).  In Acts 2:4 we read, "(they) began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance."  God fills you, but you must begin to speak.  Determine not to speak a word of English at this time (for you cannot speak two languages at once).  Lift up the sound of your voice and the Holy Spirit will give you utterance in a new language supernaturally.


   Do not be concerned about "what to say," as the language is spoken supernaturally and does not come through the mind or intellect, but through your spirit quickened by the Holy Spirit.  In faith, put your speech faculties into operation (vocal chords, tongue, lips) as in speaking any language, and the Holy Spirit, now indwelling you, will give the utterance.

   Remember, receiving the Holy Spirit is an act of faith, and this promise is to be appropriated in the same way as all God's promises are, such as salvation, healing, etc.  Some who have not understood this fact have failed to receive because they were looking for some "feeling," "emotional experience," or "special anointing" before they would believe they had received the Holy Spirit.  We are to receive the Holy Spirit by faith, and as we act on our faith the evidence and assurance will follow.  



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Note:  For you to receive the Holy Spirit, God must at the same time be giving you the Holy Spirit.  You must first bring forth some kind of fruit of obedience for God to give you the Holy Spirit.  Acts 5:32 says, "...the Holy Ghost, whom God hath given to them that obey him."  It is after this condition is met that you can ask and receive by faith.


Another Note:  If you have the nerve to say that speaking in tongues is "of the devil" you are in danger of committing the unpardonable sin.



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